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Recovering from Water Damage

Even a small stain can leave floors, walls, and other parts of your home prone to mold, mildew, and other dangers. Whether it’s a leaky appliance or flash flooding, water damage left untamed on your property can result in high costs. When you discover leaking or flooding on your property, don’t hesitate to act. Once you call the experts for assistance, take these steps to ensure a proper recovery for your home. If you find water damage big or small on your property, don’t hesitate to call Paul Davis professionals. Whatever the cause, taking measures fast against water damage is crucial to prevent further poor conditions.

Preparing for the Professionals

It can be hard not to try and fix the water damage yourself. That said, we recommend leaving the job up to the specialists. However, there are some things you can do before the Paul Davis crew arrives. To salvage everything on your property from water damage, it’s crucial to act quickly.

Before working, it is important to trust that your property is safe to enter. Your property becomes a hazardous place when exposed to water and electricity combined. Before entering your home, power off the main breaker.

Getting Started

A severe home flood can leave everything you own damaged. Relocate all your smaller possessions to avoid increased water damage. Use a dry, level area to put books, magazines and other paper things. Newspaper and other inked items should be go on a dry, level area. Do not forget lamps and other tabletop items either. You can begin cleaning as soon as you’ve removed books, small items and other wet materials.

Fans and air conditioning circulate air around your property and start drying the area. Soak up water from hard furniture and smaller surfaces. Though you may want to try, you should not use a standard home vacuum cleaner to clean water. These appliances aren’t designed to clean up puddles of water. To avoid further water damage, use wooden or cement blocks to raise heavy chairs above the floor.

Carpet and fabrics are particularly heavy when soaked. This additional weight makes rugs, fur and leather goods harder difficult to move. This means when you must move a carpet, proceed with caution. Hang clothing, draperies and other fabrics away from the affected area to dry thoroughly. Pieces like furniture may not be salvaged easily.

In severe flooding situations, the additional water weight can damage the structural strength of your home. Because of this, do not go near sagging ceilings or warped floors. Areas like these have likely taken on large amounts of water and could fall around you.

Paul Davis in Chambersburg PA

Water damage is no match for Paul Davis. With a little professionals arrive speeds up the restoration process. We can restore your home back to normal efficiently and quickly. Our pros have restored a variety of flood conditions in different types of residential and commercial properties around Chambersburg. Additionally, Paul Davis helps you with your insurance company to settle your claims effectively, so you can return to normal.